Dental Implants

Dental implants are a relatively new method of treatment that have revolutionized the profession of dentistry.  An implant is a small titanium device that is placed in the jawbone, and serves as an anchor for replacing missing teeth.  They have an outstanding record of clinical success and have changed the lives of so many patients around the world.  In fact, dental implants have one of the highest clinical success rates of any procedure performed in dentistry!

Single Tooth Implants

Dental implants are utilized in many ways.  One of the most common methods is to use an implant to replace a single missing tooth.  We have traditionally only been able to replace a single tooth with a dental bridge.  However with a dental implant, we can now replace the individual tooth without reshaping the neighboring teeth.  In other words, we replace what is missing while preserving what is still natural and healthy!

Image of single tooth replaced by dental implant
Single tooth replaced with a dental implant

Suppose a patient is missing three adjacent teeth.  In the past, that patient's best option would be for us to make a removable partial denture.  Now, with dental implants, we can restore all three missing teeth with an implant-supported dental bridge!  The patient can avoid wearing a removable appliance and instead have new teeth that don't move and feel natural!

Implant-Retained Dentures

One of the most exciting applications of dental implants is to help support and retain dentures.  Normally, dentures are supported entirely by soft tissue.  Soft tissue is often movable, and the shape of the jawbone is always changing.  These changes lead to patients being forced to use denture pastes to keep their dentures in.  Over time, dentures often need to be relined or remade entirely to achieve a proper fit.

Dental implants provide new solutions for these patients!  For example, in the lower jaw, we are able to place just two implants to help keep the denture in place.  The denture will now snap on and off of the implant attachments for a much more comfortable and functional fit.  These patients:

  • can now avoid the embarrassment of their teeth accidentally coming out while talking or when eating in public
  • will now have a greater ability to chew the foods they need for a balanced diet
  • need little to no denture pastes or adhesives

In short, patients are living happier, healthier lives because of the solutions available with dental implants!

The pictures below demonstrate the attachments that are placed in the tissue side of the denture.  These attachments snap onto dental implants for a nice, firm fit!

image of lower denture
Image of implant-supported denture attachments


Full arch solutions are one of the areas most revolutionized by dental implants.  Rather than being forced to wear dentures, we are now able to replace all of a person's teeth using the help of dental implants.

Rathke Family Dentistry has partnered with periodontal surgeon, Dr. Kip Saunders, to offer a service called TeethXpress.  This service allows us to remove a patient's failing teeth, strategically place 4-6 dental implants, and attach a new set of teeth to those implants all in a single appointment!  Once the implants have fully healed, we will make a new, more refined set of teeth designed to last for years!  To learn more about TeethXpress, click on the banner logo below.

The Conus Concept

Image of Rathke Family Dentistry patient with completed upper Conus
Upper jaw Conus made with Rathke Family Dentistry

Another full-arch solution offered at our office is the Conus concept. This technique also replaces all of the teeth in an arch with dental implants with the same level of support found with TeethXpress.  The difference is the Conus prosthesis can be removed to better clean around the underlying implant attachments and soft tissue.  Due to the Conus design, we are able to employ additional methods to maximize the effects of your smile.  It's the best of both worlds!

These dental implant services are changing the lives of countless patients around the world.  We are excited and humbled to be able to bring the latest techniques in dental implant treatment to our treasured patients!

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